ORBIUM Telegram Airdrop



Join Obirum ICO at : https://ico.obirum.com


Use Obirum ICO fan pic and display obirum’s url on Telegram


Any Telegram user


  • Change your Telegram profile picture for the official Obirum ICO fan pic.(https://i.imgur.com/YcPKRhI.png)
  • Add the link “ico.obirum.com” in your Telegram public name (the name that is displayed when you send a message), for example: “john — ico.obirum.com”
  • Join our Telegram group here: https://t.me/obirum
  • Regular discuss at least 5 telegram groups about ICO or Cryptocurrency


  • After the 3 steps above have been completed, apply for the campaign here;
  • We will check your Telegram profile within 1 business day (business day means weekday, so not Saturday and Sunday);
  • Keep the picture and the link until the end of the campaign (end of the token sale, May 5), as failure to do so would cancel your participation in the campaign and you would lose all your stakes;
  • Check your potential stakes that will be confirmed at the end of the campaign on this spreadsheet;
  • Beware not to remove your profile picture and link at any point in time as we will perform regular checks.


  • 10 OBR per day from the day you are approved until the day the campaign ends.
  • Tokens distribution will take place within 2 week after the closing of the main-sale.

Join Obirum ICO at : https://ico.obirum.com

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