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GET FREE 10 DVC for JOIN Worth $20-$100

Lending Program

Excellent profit potential 45% per month

Loans are a powerful means of generating income with more than 45% interest month after month, tax-free and penalty-free. And with the possibility of reinvestment after receiving the benefits day after day after day, thus raising our interest to be received (compound interest).

1.2-2.0% daily interest

Once the loan reaches term the principal is repaid, and again obtains the possibility of investing and continuing to earn interest.

This is a wise option, the money works for us, and it’s just waiting at your daily collection time, to withdraw and enjoy or reinvest to increase profits.

To make the purchase of your DVC, you must be previously registered in, and enter the amount of BTC, ETH or LTC you want to convert into DVC.

Staking Program

Main advantages

Long-term investment, high interest rate

Divinum Coin (DVC) has been born to conquer the cryptocurrency community, that’s why it is proud to be the best paid Staking (4.75% fixed weekly), we not only care about the daily and fast yields but we also know from our own experience that a coin needs a certain balance of loading and unloading apart from the evident entrance and exit obtaining the desired prices.

Total freedom

You as an investor have the possibility to move your DVCs at the end of each Staking term, you choose whether to continue with Staking, deposit in Lending, or exchange to BTC.

We remind you that our Staking is a secure income opportunity with annual profits above 190%, from anywhere in the world in just a few seconds, contributing to the maintenance and consensus of our network.

Remember: Investors must maintain DVC for a minimum of 15 days before earning Interest. Access PoS minting Block in your wallet after 15 days; the number of blocks you win is based on the amount of coins you have in your wallet software.

Trade Opportunity

The opportunity to make a good trade with DVC is simple, buying at any ICO price and selling for $25 you would be getting a minimum of 2,500%, imagine selling at a more mature price.

Professional trading

If you are a professional trader, you will quickly see the opportunity that DVC offers you by obtaining high returns with 24/7 intraday trading in a completely secure environment.

Fast cash & low commissions

Buying DVC is extremely easy, you just need to be registered with, decide your amount and deposit in BTC, ETH or LTC.

This type of investment is well understood and appreciated by investors who understand the nature of cryptocurrency, making profits on leveraging capital in a short period of time, all with the lowest commissions.


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