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         At Iamhero we focus on developing solutions that help all people in their individual lives. The concept of “I Am Hero” came into force three years ago when the idea of ​​introducing an innovative concept into the obsolete existing system of the application folder and the way in which the relationships between the employee and the employer were carried out arose. After years of market research and concept development, the Iamhero project was established over a year ago as the cumulative result of previous studies. At the heart of the innovation is a process where anyone can create a resume online in the IAMHERO Platform (IAH), where it is immediately visible and can be reserved for each project. The service is exceptionally intuitive, simple and simple, eliminating any obstacles that are relevant to direct communication between contacts to and from the respective candidates (heroes) and potential employers.From now on, many problems were solved elegantly. The biggest problems were between self-employed workers and those who offer jobs, tasks or projects through contractual offers. IAH has decided or projected through contract auditors. IAH decided to use the emerging blockchain technology to introduce a concept that would allow both parties to offer and accept projects in a transparent and secure environment. Welcome to the IAMHEROS service and its many functions.

         Almost everyone in the world needs a curriculum vitae to present themselves in their relevant field of global industry or to present themselves as independent professionals on the market. Relocation of the Resume feature to the fast paced online world a long time ago. Consequently, we have set ourselves the task of ensuring that the independent professional receives his compensation for the work done, thereby giving the employer high-quality work, and ideal employees who respond to their specific needs. To reach this level of optimization, a new system was needed 

that could process large amounts of data and process that data efficiently and intelligently at extremely high speeds.

A very ambitious project started more than a year ago to create this crucial automated system that uses artificial intelligence and specialized software to accomplish this gigantic task. IAMHERO has achieved high efficiency and speed and introduced the product in its beta phase. The tests are almost completed and the results are very satisfactory. Our main goals have been achieved and now we are simply improving the functions of the system at the end of the user. 

We now offer an excellent software solution for the industry that anyone can easily understand and use anywhere in the world right now. Soon we will translate the service into several languages, and eventually it will be available in most of them worldwide.

The IAMHERO team is made up of highly skilled professionals who are involved in their work, constantly improving the functionality of the system, adding new features and presenting new innovative ideas to improve functionality. They have a great deal of experience in creating online solutions and custom products that are designed and designed with the consumer in mind. This provides IAMHERO with an unprecedented level of usability and quality, which in turn leads to truly optimized solutions rather than failed attempts to solve the fundamental problems in the job search industry. The team also has an immense amount of collective experience in integrating modern technologies such as: AI technology, blockchains and their platforms.


Token Utility:

        The most important question that most investors will have is what goals are being played on the platform. In fact, the IAH tokens are the core of all activities on the stage. You know, to hire an employee or to issue a project task that must be followed, IAH tabs are required. All contracts in the platform are kept in a smart contract with no changes. The proof is stored in this Smart Contract and transferred to the IAH platform as a means of payment to hire someone. Here, the basic decentralized nature of the platform should come into play.

In addition to its practicalities, the income generated by the website is shared with the owners of IAH tokens. This is one of the few projects that aims to provide useful tokens for both utilities and income distribution. 

Use of coins IAH

         At IAH you can find employees and also issue contracts for temporary projects. In each case, an intelligent contract is included. If an employer recruits an IAH (Hero) member, the IAH will receive a commission of 15% of the gross annual income of the first year, provided that the employee has been recruited for a period of at least 4 months. 5% of this 15% will be paid in IAH currencies returning to the group for all holders of IAH coins. In the event that a contract is issued to an independent professional, the IAH will receive 3.5% of the payment, of which 1.5% will be returned to the reserve for all holders of IAH currencies. IAH coins can be withdrawn by Bitcoin or USD $.

Details about the ICO:

The team wants to improve about 7,000 ETH for the development and promotion of platforms. The base price of the token is 0.0000142 ETH per 1 IAH coin. Members who are interested in joining the white list must do so before February 20, so a 40% discount will be offered for the brands. The main crowd starts on May 22nd.

In general, I’m one of the ICO you need to look out for. After the downtrend in the cryptocurrency market, this is a unique opportunity to invest in a project that brings real benefits; Better yet, you can use investment currencies as a benefit token for the platform or simply stay with them to share the benefits of the platform. Disclaimer: This should not be considered as investment advice as I am not a qualified investment adviser.


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