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          LAPO Blockchain is building a progressive budgetary administrations stage empowered by Blockchain advancement engaging organizations, dealers and purchasers with a human focused innovation controlled by computerized reasoning.

LAPO Blockchain has presented its LAPO ePlatform, which incorporates a decentralized exchanging stage, an on the web (eGateway) and disconnected (Purpose of Offer) installment framework, a business knowledge stage (Dealer Entrance), an installment security for business exchanges, an immediate promoting stage, among other budgetary administrations.

Despite the fact that the Blockchain world develops each day, an elective that incorporates every one of those monetary administrations into a solitary stage had not been exhibited. Until LAPO Blockchain developed.

Having an across the board monetary administrations stage empowered by Blockchain advancement encourages the combination and expansive acknowledgment of this innovation into conventional back, making exchanges, installments, trades, and so forth., simpler, speedier, less expensive and more secure.

LAPO Blockchain takes uncommon care of the client encounter, giving a flawlessly outlined, human focused, coordinated suite of Monetary Devices, which is anything but difficult to utilize notwithstanding for the individuals who aren’t innovatively sharp.

LAPO ePlatform is sponsored by LAPO Coin, a digital money intended for certifiable application. Not at all like different Cryptos that are excessively perplexing, excessively fluctuating and too moderate, LAPO Coin has the innovation to be coordinated into true business. This implies everyone could utilize LAPOs (Remiss) to purchase items or pay for administrations, effortlessly and rapidly.

What’s more, LAPO Coin will have a full Shrewd Contract framework and a “tokenizator machine” to help organizations to make ICOs in light of the LAPO Blockchain.


LAPO Merchant portal

Business arranged/extendable wallet with business insight capacities and announcing.

LAPO Payment Security

Shields clients from misrepresentation, tricks and stolen things.

LAPO eGateway

Gives condition of-craftsmanship installment Programming interface that permit back-end applications and outsider frameworks like: cloud applications, cell phones and the Web of Things (IoT) to effortlessly coordinate an installment ask for in any cryptographic money.

LAPO Trading Platform

Decentralised “wallet-to-wallet” exchange platform to trade AltCoins, LAPO Tokens and LAX. Using the platform and LAPO Bank you can immediately convert your LAX into FIAT assets or other AltCoins for a very low fee. The trading app support multiple monitors.

LAPO Sale Point

The app to allow every business to easily accept LAX and other cryptocurrencies. It can be downloaded in any modern device (computer, cell phone or tablet) and will integrate NFC communication support enabling payment with a simple touch or scanning a QR code.

LAPO Direct Marketing

Provides to the business using the Merchant Portal the ability to create customised promotions to push directly into the LAPO wallet holders. The promotions can be geo-localized and tailored using our state-of-art platform.

LAPO Stability Fund

Used to protect the coin against artificial price volatility of the LAX. The fund uses an AI Algorithm developed by LAPO Blockchain AG that releases shares or purchases LAX on key exchanges in predefined dangerous situations.

LAPO Foundation

Mission is to generate and distribute resources to support the digitalization of education for children around the world to improve access to education.

LAPO Blockchain also contemplate the creation of its own bank to avoid the inconveniences and expenses that traditional banking imposes to the Cryptocurrency Market.

With traditional Swiss expertise in financial services this platform brings stability to crypto assets worldwide. LAPO ePlatform has a Stability Fund to protect the LAPO Coin against artificial price volatility.

Just as Swiss banking is characterized by stability, privacy and security, so LAPO Blockchain is.

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