ALX AIRDROP Best airdrop in the 2018

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We have prepared 10 million ALX for our airdrop participants. Every one of you can get up to 6000 ALX, depending on the number of participants and the number of your stakes. You can max up the number of your stakes by inviting 5 of your friends via your invite link!

PLEASE, follow these steps one by one CAREFULLY:

  1. Register on Website
  2. Join the Telegram group
  3. Write /airdrop to the Bot
  4. DO NOT WRITE /airdrop to the ALAX Telegram group, if you do, you will not be registered to the ALAX Airdrop (no tokens for you:( )
  5. Use your special referral link to invite friends (It is generated automatically once you submit the application)
  6. You can lookup the number of your referrals by writing /referral into bot
  7. If you share your referral link in the ALAX Telegram group, you may be banned



About ALAX Project

ALAX the blockchain game platform for emerging markets

A Mobile Game Distribution Platform based on blockchain technology with the intention
of bringing fresh air to the gaming industry around the world. DECENT (DCore Platform)
and Dragonfly (mobile gaming marketplace) are joining forces to bring games to everyone
including people that are unbanked (over 2 billion according to Findex) but have access
to cash and 3G/LTE smartphones.

Providing a platform for content creators and gamers alike

Both content creators and customers will have access to the ALAX store which is built on
its own SDK that provides blockchain functionality. Customers can do so using a browser
or application while content creators can include features such as in-app purchases using
ALAX’s Android SDK. Consistency is secured across all the applications utilizing ALAX,
since they will communicate with the ALAX protocol via API.

Ease of Access for everyone

All of this will function based on ALA tokens issued by ALAX. ALA tokens can be obtained
for ALX tokens with a 20% bonus by end users via ALAXʼs internal exchange which will be
pre-installed on the devices. Alternatively, end users can obtain ALA tokens using FIAT
currencies at an existing reseller network of brick and mortar stores.


50% of the ALX tokens not dedicated
to the TGEs are going to be locked in for
12 months following the TGE.
ALX are going to be generated during
the ALAX Token Generation Event (TGE) which
will take place between April 17th – 23rd, 2018.
The TGE hard cap is set to 30’000 ETH.
There is no soft cap; the project will go ahead
regardless of the amount raised.
30% of the total number of ALX are going to be
available during ALAX TGE.
This corresponds to 300’000’000 ALX

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