Super Value Airdrop

Super Value Airdrop in Agustus 2018, Join now or cry later 1. IDAP Est. Value $100 How to join? Go to IDAP website Register with valid email Verify your mail Login and select your favourite coin and get idap token 2. REW Est. Value $70 How to join? Go to REW website Register with valid […]


INFLR Airdrop

800,000 INFLR have been allocated to this campaign. This airdrop will be distributed equally among all verified participants. The exact amount received per participant will be calculated by dividing the total airdrop allocation by the total number of verified participants. This will take place at the end of the airdrop – prior to distribution. Any […]


Freldo Airdrop

Welcome to Freldo – A Global and decentralized ecosystem linking service providers and customers, based on blockchain technology and smart contracts! It is a business social network to search for experts in your city.  Freldo is conducing an airdrop campaign to spread the awareness about its upcoming ICO.  Airdrop Details 1. Freldo will distribute 200 FRECN to each eligible […]


BITDepositary Airdrop

BITDEPOSITARY Bridging the Gap between Centralized ICOs and a Community of Investors through Voting and Integrated Payment Solutions Bitdepositary is the first and biggest new generation Q-ratio Market ICO Founding Community with integrated payment solutions to make your ICO investments more secure! We serve as the mediator & payment platform for project managers and a […]


ERN Airdrop Phase~2

  🚀🚀ERN Project 5 MILLION TOKEN AIRDROP PHASE 2🚀🚀     AIRDROP: Phase 2 for first 10000 participants ERN PROJECT – Two nascent development, powered by one cryptocurrency. ListERN Audio Sharing Platform Mindé Technology On The Go █████████████ Airdrop Rules █████████████ The following rules should be observed to qualify in the airdrop and get Free […]


Premium Airdrop

Project Value Requirement Links Ruby- exchange $20 Telegram Join Now StockChain $10 Twitter | Telegram Join Now Efforce N.A Email | FB | Twitter | KYC | TELEGRAM Join Now Gosama $50 Email | FB | Twitter | KYC | TELEGRAM Join Now TGT $200 Email | FB | Twitter | TELEGRAM Join Now


Guarium Airdrop Win up to $36000

GUARIUM AIRDROP GUARIUM will be a B2B and B2C platform connecting producers, wholesalers, online stores and clients. Due to innovative solutions each entrepreneur will be able to use the leverage of thousands of entities operating in the GUARIUM network. The solution has been adapted to both existing stores and the new ones.   Sign Up […]


CSZ Airdrop

2,700,000 CSZ Allocated to the first 3,375 Participants in this airdrop! The Phase 2 Airdrop will only be granted to the first 3,375 participants in the amount of 800 CSZ tokens per participant. The total amount distributed in this phase will be 2.7M CSZ. The Airdrop Distribution will be at AFTER the rest of the […]


Cryptocurrency News

The results of a Wells Fargo/Gallup poll published July 27 finds that only two percent of U.S. investors own Bitcoin, but 26 percent are intrigued by it. The online survey was conducted May 7-14, 2018 amongst  U.S. investors with more than $10,000 in stocks, bonds or mutual funds. The results show that the overwhelming majority of investors […]