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Airdrop Instructions

  • Go to the airdrop page, and sign up with your email
  • Join Telegram group
  • Join at lease one more social media
  • Sign up for the website and complete KYC
  • Submit your ETH address in the “Bounty” section of the website 
  • Dashboard will be updated with 80 LXT tokens on the 16th of October. 

Airdrop Description

To participate in the LEXIT Autumn Airdrop & claim 80 LXT

Complete 2 social actions below

Register on our sale platform when redirected and successfully complete your KYC

Join other Airdrop

About Project

LEXIT is the first online marketplace that allows entrepreneurs to trade IP, copyrights, code, and even sell entire startups. LEXIT streamlines Mergers & Acquisitions through a blockchain-based tokenization model and the disintermediation of appraisement and matchmaking services. Selling or buying tech assets in LEXIT is as simple as purchasing a car or real estate. The LEXIT Solution allows for M&A processes to be concluded four times as fast, at about a quarter of the traditional costs. Entrepreneurs are empowered to discover the true value of their assets on a vibrant and highly liquid marketplace without having to bear overpriced prepayments.

KLIX Telegram Airdrop

Simple Telegram Airdrip

Idea is making recruitment and job hunting a whole lot easier, and better. By ranking peoples’ scores against the Magnetics Employment Capital Index recruiters and employers can accurately measure the potential suitability of each candidate.


Total Supply: 500.000.000

Plattform: ERC20

Price per Token: $0,11

Website of Magnetics Whitepaper of Magnetics Twitter of Magnetics Facebook of Magnetics Telegram of Magnetics Reddit of Magnetics Instagram of Magnetics Linkedin of Magnetics

Magnetics is airdropping 100 KLIX tokens for joining their Telegram group:


Airdrop Rule

  1. Join Telegram group
  2. Submit your details to the form