X to Now Let Users Stream Live Videos, Elon Musk Announces New Feature

Elon Musk, under the new branding of Twitter as “X,” has unveiled an exciting addition to the microblogging platform. Through a live video stream, Musk and several X employees showcased the feature, capturing the attention of 4.9 million users. In a subsequent tweet, Musk confirmed the availability of the live video feature, which can be accessed by users through the blue camera logo.In a recent post, Musk announced the integration of live video streaming, noting its satisfactory performance. Users can initiate live video clips by tapping the camera-like button during their posts. This announcement garnered immense interest, accumulating over 3.5 million views and 40,000 interactions within the initial two hours after Musk’s announcement.The introduction of this feature followed Musk’s unexpected 53-second live appearance on X with his office team. During that time, he refrained from disclosing any hints about this upcoming enhancement.Additionally, Musk revealed a separate feature designed for X: verified users are now able to download videos, granted the content creator permits it. This exclusive ability was unveiled alongside the announcement of the live video feature.Musk’s involvement in the transformation of Twitter into X has extended to his role as the product and engineering chief. This alteration became visible when Musk changed the platform’s iconic blue bird logo to a minimalistic “X,” along with the adjustment of its name and domain address across iOS, Android, and web versions.Musk’s efforts to reshape X into an all-encompassing application have been evident. From capitalizing on verification symbols to introducing a variety of new features on an almost weekly basis, Musk is fervently driving X’s evolution into a comprehensive platform.Under Musk’s guidance, X’s user base reached a notable milestone, with 540 million monthly users, signifying a significant surge in its popularity. The ongoing efforts to enhance the platform’s features and offerings seem to be positioning X as a powerful and versatile application for users’ varied needs.

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