Thousands of PCs Confiscated in Iran Because of Bitcoin

The Iranian government seized thousands of PCs used to mine crypto currencies, which they did after detecting a large increase in electricity use.

Thousands of PCs were seized from two bitcoin mines located in a former factory in Yazd Province. The two mines caused an increase in electricity consumption in Iran by 7%.

In 2018, the Iranian central bank indeed banned the presence of crypto currencies in the country because it was feared used for money laundering, quoted from The Verge, Tuesday (07/02/2019).

Then the authorities said the mining practice made local electricity plants unstable, and warned people involved in the crypto currency mining activities.

Crypto currency mining uses high-specification PCs, which certainly have high electricity consumption. While on the other hand the electricity tariffs in Iran are still subsidized to make it affordable for the people, and that is the reason miners operate in Iran.

Moreover, this access to the crypto currency can also reduce the impact of sanctions imposed by the United States on the Iran embargo.

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